Starry Baikal

diving sport club

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Who this course for:

All certified Advanced Divers who have the Dry suit  certificate

Course requirements:

Only for experienced Dry Suit Divers minimum 20 registered logs in log book

If you are not familiar with Dry Suit diving please take the course here in the lake Baikal.

What you can expect to learn:

Equipment for ice diving



Hole-cutting equipment

Effects of the cold

Surface support procedures

Duties and responsibilities

Hole-cutting techniques

Lines and securing

line tending



Ice spokes

Lost diver procedures

Safety Diver

Equipment of the safety diver


Diving Lights and their Care

Some of the required skills you will have to demonstrate include:

Review of scuba skills on land

Test equipment

Set up shelter

Cut hole in Ice and secure

Dive plan

Descent and line considerations on land

Line handling and line signalson land

Enter water

Each diver must rotate and practice: surface support, safety diver and diver

Line handling and simulated lost diver procedures

Fifteen minute exploring under the ice


Log dive

Daily Diving

Intro Dives

Dry Suit Diver

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