Hello, my name is Alexandra Bobkov.

     For me personally, Irkutsk is a city of poignant beauty: firstly, this is the place where a lot of life stories started and finished - life stories of the people whose deeds mattered a lot and who are still remembered; secondly, it is the present day Atlantis - Siberian Atlantis - with its 200-year old log houses, witnesses to so many events, vanishing due to negligence or business purposes.

     I will tell you about the early history of Irkutsk, its famous people; we will stroll along the streets in the historic centre to learn about a log-house construction philosophy; mix with the crowd to feel the pulse of modern life in central market - actually, we can tailor the tour up to your interests.

     They say, first impression might be different from the real state of things - let me introduce you to My Irkutsk - fascinating by its braveness, intelligence and passion.


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